Live Free Recovery Consultants

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Clinically Supported Peer Recovery Coaching

Early ecovery can be a frustrating and confusing time. We believe it is essential to educate you on all aspects of recovery. This knowledge will give you an advantage as you move forward in life and recovery. You will be uniquely prepared to meet the challenges of early recovery, allowing you to start enjoying life instead of hiding from it.

Our experience allows us to educate you and your families in all aspects of the recovery process. Traditional treatments "teach" you how to get sober then send you on your way. Our unique clinically supported peer recovery program means you work together with a clinician and a recovery coach. There is no gap between treatment and how it is applied in the real world. As goals are developed with your clinician you are implementing them with your recovery coach. And with 24-hour access to our staff, there is always someone available should you need guidance

At Live Free Recovery we believe that sobriety should not be the ultimate goal, but a means to the life you want.  We guide you through the steps needed to develop and achieve goals including GED and SAT prep, college applications and essays, job search and resume development, housing search, and mental health referrals if needed.