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APG questions answered

Thank you for all of your support on our blog! We have had some questions submitted recently and wanted to answer them for you, we also made a video you can check out on our instagram @livefreerecovery603, or our facebook page Live Free Recovery Consultants.

Why are APGs different than regular groups? -

Our APGs are led by peer leaders with lived experiences, it’s not like there’s a clinician here telling you the same things. it’s tailored to what works for you and you can even have a say in what we do. They’re designed to be fun while also teaching healthier habits.

Can Families participate?

Yes, we have family nights to help build connections in the family, and we also have events like our Patriots watch parties that all families are invited to participate in.

What sort of activities do you do?

We have a lot of hands on activities like arts and crafts and some interactive games. We try to do a variety so there’s something everyone will like doing, but we’re really open to try anything that the group members suggest.

What if I need to talk to a clinician?

There’s always a licensed clinician if you're struggling in a group or just need to talk more privately. You can step out at any time and go talk to them with no questions asked.

Is it confidential?

yes, all of our groups are confidential. At the age of 13 in New Hampshire you have to sign a consent for us to share any information with anyone, even your parents. If we ever felt like we needed to address something outside of group, we would discuss options for that privately before doing anything.

We would love to answer any more questions you may have, so please feel free to submit more!

Remember reaching out saves lives and it saves you!

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