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           Young People in Recovery

        By Teens....For Teens and Their Families


How do I support my teen in recovery?

Live Free’s main goal is to help our clients become the most successful versions of themselves. However, it can be difficult for an adolescent to manage their existing responsibilities with the added stress of sobriety. In the recovery process, teens can feel overwhelmed, angry, and alone. Many times adolescents struggle with communicating with their parents about what they are experiencing, and it can add stress to already difficult situations. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you can support your loved ones while they’re in recovery.

  • Encourage your child to try new activities and make some new friends. It is important to have safe and healthy ways to have fun.

  • If you suspect something’s going on, don’t be afraid to look into it. It is okay to look through their room or car if you are unsure.

  • Encourage your child to come to IOP groups consistently and contact a staff member when they need a little extra guidance or someone to talk to.

  • Be patient. Moodiness and anger are expected out of any teen, and when in recovery, it can be hard to learn how to cope without a substance. It’s crucial to remember that fights happen, but the way in which you approach it can completely change the outcome.

  • Talk to them. While they may not be completely honest, a conversation can reassure your teen that someone cares about them. It seems simple, but teens can feel ganged up on and need their parent’s support through their recovery.

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