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Start holiday Planning Now

Holidays can be one of the best times of the year, but also one of the most stressful. It’s important to mentally prepare yourself and think about some things that may help you through it.

  • Try not to go to social events that you know will have drugs and alcohol. Instead, try spending time with smaller groups of friends and family so you don’t feel as overwhelmed.

  • Plan activities to keep you in a good mindset. Holidays can be about giving to other people, but it’s okay to spend some time for yourself as well!

  • Be prepared to say no when someone offers! If you decide to go to an event where you may be tempted, practice what you will say when someone offers you a drink. It will help make you feel less uncomfortable when in the moment.

  • Always have a way home. If you ever feel uncomfortable it is best to remove yourself from the situation. Having a safe and reliable way home can completely change the outcome of your night.

  • Hold yourself accountable to a friend. Reach out to a friend and let them know your concerns about your upcoming plans. Ask them to call and check in to make sure you are staying accountable to yourself.

  • Have a plan for the days after. Sometimes we can dwell on things, and thoughts can emerge a few days after the holidays. So, make sure you have a plan to manage any possibility.

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