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           Young People in Recovery

        By Teens....For Teens and Their Families


What is an Adolescent IOP?

During Live Free’s adolescent IOP group, we help people through their daily struggles in life to help them achieve their goals. It helps teens feel like they aren’t alone and reassures them that others are going through similar struggles. It also provides an opportunity to help others by sharing your own experiences and what worked the best for you. Our peer leaders and a certified counselor are there to offer support and advice throughout the recovery process.

An IOP group gives teens a chance to talk to an unbiased third party in the situation. Family struggles are frequent throughout the recovery process, and it can be beneficial to have an outlet to release strong feelings so these situations don’t get out of hand. In our adolescent group, we address behaviors that may be holding us back from being completely successful in our recovery such as family communication skills and self accountability.

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