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           Young People in Recovery

        By Teens....For Teens and Their Families


What is an Alternative Youth Peer Group

Live Free has started an Alternative Peer Group (APG) in conjunction with UNH Institute on Disability that focuses on adolescents making connections with their peers. Last month’s Patriots Kickoff party was a great way to start off the program successfully! Currently Live Free is one of the only organizations with a program utilizing youth peer supports in New Hampshire! The APG creates an environment in which adolescents feel more comfortable sharing than in a traditional, clinical setting. The program also includes family involvement for assistance making healthy boundaries and communication. It emphasizes self awareness and self accountability to aid in building a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Our peer leaders provide daily activities and questions to spark conversation about recovery to inspire healthier decision making. Every week there will be different activities, from movie days to arts and crafts. The group is also monitored by a licensed clinician to ensure every individual gets the support they need. This month, Live Free will be at the Kingston Trunk or Treat on October 24th, stop by to grab some candy and info!

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