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Customer Testimonials

I began going to Live Free Recovery almost two years ago for treatment for my heroin addiction. When I began I was 16 years old and nervous. I ended up meeting with the program director Bob Faghan and we discussed difficulties I was having with getting sober and pos­sible treatment options to best work for me. We ended up with the con­clusion that an impatient program would be best for me so that I could  get away for awhile, not have access to substances and just to get help. After finding this out I searched for inpatient programs that were willing to accept me with my young age and after a couple days of searching found a place in Connecticut that would be willing to accept me so that night I packed and the next morning set out for Connecticut to begin my recovery journey. I ended up spending a couple weeks in this treatment facility and once I finally got out I felt like a new person, I had a different mind set, I was focusing on things that mattered other than myself and just thinking when I would get high next. Once I came back from Connecticut I went back to Live Free Recovery on the recom­mendation that I should return as an intensive outpatient not only to work on staying sober but to become a better person, make goals, and keep moving forward. When I started my intensive outpatient program I met with program director Bob Faghan a couple times a week as well as drug counselors which were provided by the company to talk to with issues, build connections, and even talk about thinas aoina aood. While being apart of this program I learned skills and gained mental tools to keep with me to face everyday chal­lenges in order to overcome them. After I completed the intensive out­ patient program I continued to come for awhile when I was told about the Adolescent Program that was starting up that had peer leaders who have a background history with in substance abuse who aren't to far apart in age which makes it easier for adolescents in recoveryto connect and talk to each other knowing they have been through

similar experiences. At first I was hesitant to become a peer leader but after thinking about it for awhile I thought about others who could be in a situation similar to the one I I was in and wanted to help and give advice to them and share things that have helped in my experience to make recovery easier for them. So finally I decided to join the program and become a peer leader and I

continue to work there and help individuals everyday.

My name is Paige Raymond and I'm a Peer Leader at Live Free Recovery. I was 16 years old when I was involved in a single car drunk driving accident. I met Bob Faghan through Dover High School where he guided me through the challenges of early recovery as a teenager. I'm so grateful for the opportunities and connections this company has provided for me. I am honored to be a Peer Leader helping others who face the same struggles as I did.

My family is grateful that we found Bob and his team of Peer Leaders. Our son was headed on a path to substance abuse, and Live Free Recovery provided him with expert clinical and peer support that led to his successful recovery, he now embraces a future without the influence of drugs. Bob and his staff's pragmatic yet caring support was exactly what our teenage son needed - for him the fact that he could meet and talk with other teenagers who knew his experience was perfect. He is headed to college soon, but plans to return whenever he can to provide his support as a peer leader. Thank you Bob and team.

I am very happy to write this testimonial . I know that Bob's influence in my son's and our family's life has brought us to this stage of recovery. We were exhausted and so disillusioned with all the rehabs, searching the internet for something else that might work, when I saw a post on The Addicts Mom and emailed. I was expecting another rehab asking for thousands of dollars while delivering no guarantees. Bob was different right from the start. We signed up, still feeling jaded, but knowing we had nothing to lose, except more money. Our first meeting was amazing. We all felt comfortable with Bob. The best part for my husband and I was the complete access we had to Bob. And that was the best for my son, too. They spoke every day, at least once. He was the voice of reason, he was the voice of truth and my son respected his knowledge of drugs and the effects on the mind and body. Bob was tough enough to earn the respect of an addict. Bob helped us through some very rough days of early recovery and provided us all with comfort, hope, validating all our feelings and lastly, a new plan for that next hour and then the next day. We are now approaching our one year mark.Bob and I are still in contact, checking in our progress, with a word of advice and encouragement. I know that Bob would be there for our family immediately, if we needed to call. I cannot express my gratitude enough. 

I am happy to write a testimonial on behalf of Mr. Bob Faghan. We first came to know Bob through his work at an intensive outpatient program that a family member was attending. This was a very difficult time for all of us, as it was the in the middle of a very difficult battle with the dreaded disease of addiction. 

Bob was the perfect, level headed, thoughtful and understanding counselor that we needed. He was extremely helpful in providing us the eduation we needed to understand the situation we were all in. The group setting gave us all an opportunity to express our concerns and share experiences in a safe environment. Bob did a masterful job of creating that “safe place” for all of us. Bob truly and sincerely cares about each person he comes in contact with. Whether you are a patient in the program or a family member in need of support, Bob always makes you feel like you are the most important person to him.                                                                               Even after our attendance at the sessions, Bob has been readily available for his advice and help in our continued help with the issues we have dealt with. He has always been a solid base of support for our family. I can highly recommend Bob to any individual or family that is in need of counseling and support while dealing with addiction. 

Jim and Karen Boccia


Any written description I could come up with of how Bob helped both me and my family would fall far short of what he actually did for us. I met Bob while attending an outpatient program. I would go see another councilor while he spent time with the families of the addicts in the program. It probably isn’t often that a child can say they watched their parents grow. But under the guidance of Bob not only did they grow; they made emotional and spiritual progress at a time in their lives that had the potential to be crippling.                                                                                                           Eventually I graduated to the second phase of the program where I met with Bob once a week in an aftercare program that was scheduled to last 12 weeks. Bob cared about us so much that he not only allowed us to continue his aftercare program, he encouraged it. I continued to go for approximately 6 months but some stayed as long as a year. From time to time an alum would come back and they were always welcomed with open arms and greeted by name. That showed how much he cared about each one of us.                                                                                                    I have seen many councilors over the past few years and it is very rare for me to make a connection with them. For me the defining factor is whether or not I can believe the tools that they suggest to me will actually work. Because Bob was able to achieve success in the same battle I fight, I know I can trust him. He is able to show someone suffering from this disease a way out because he found the way out. He can comfort a family because he knows all too well the damage that is done to them. It has been about two years since the last time I talked to Bob, but I know if I or my family were to reach out to him he would do anything he could to help us because that’s just the kind of guy Bob is. Anyone who is suffering with substance abuse, or even worse has a family member who has a substance abuse problem would be lucky to have Bob help them through it.


"To all that are looking for help, you don't know where to turn, you don't know what to do.... This man (Bob Faghan) and his team are the way to go! Bob has helped me through a very hard time in my life where I wasn't sure I would bounce back. I had been clean before but had relapsed and really was beating myself up! Not only was he caring and always willing to listen, but he also tells it like it is and you can't pull the wool over his eyes! Which as addicts we tend to think we can manipulate and lie in situations to avoid consequences, well not with him! I guess what really hit me most was the fact that even in negative situations he was so positive and able to never put me down or make me feel less than for anything I did or shared with him! I can be quite hard on myself and Bob was always there to offer me a helping hand and lift me up rather than push me down! I would recommend Bob and his team to anyone out there that is struggling in any way. I can promise you will never regret it! Because of Bob and his team I will be 18 months clean at the end of March 2014, he helped me begin my journey in recovery again and like I said before I'm not sure I would've been able to really start believing in myself again without his help! So from the bottom of my heart I thank you Bob for all you do, not just for me but for all addicts out there! -Jen D."

No words could ever express the gratitude I have for Bob Faghan. I met him at one of the lowest points in my life. I had been married to an abusive husband for almost twenty years and I chose to turn to drugs to cope with my unhappiness. I originally came to the outpatient program with the intention of getting clean and getting my husband back, but what I ended up getting was so much more. And I have Bob to thank for that. Not only was he able to help me get my addiction under control, but he was able to pull me out from under the rock that my now ex-husband had me under for so many years and believe in myself again. I gained not only freedom from my addiction, but freedom to be myself again. Bob always will tell me that I did all the work, but without his encouragement I would have never done any of the work. He always knew what to say and when. When to call me out on my own “flaws” and when to tell me to suck it up. I have been clean for almost 23 months now and it’s all because he gave me the solid foundation I needed to work my program and make smart choices. For those of us that have worked with Bob we all know that when he says the word “Outstanding” it has such a deeper meaning to us coming from him than it ever could coming from someone else. I will forever be grateful for having met him and I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs help overcoming their addiction. He is the right mix of kind, caring, knowledgeable and sarcastic all rolled into one and he will forever have a special place in my heart. Denise Colby