Live Free Recovery Consultants

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Adult Group Therapy

We offer two weekly groups:

Recovery Group

After drug cessation, it is common for individuals to experience symptoms such as mood swings, feelings of anxiety and/or depression, sleep disturbances, fatigue, difficulty with concentration and memory, and sensitivity to stress. These psychological symptoms are often referred to as 'Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome' or PAWS, and may come and go for several weeks or months. PAWS is a normal part of the recovery process, and can be managed effectively.

 This is an open, rolling enrollment group for adults in early recovery (less than one year of continuous sobriety). Intermodal treatment includes a trauma-informed perspective, strengths-based approach, motivational interviewing, psycho-education, and cognitive behavioral techniques. Creative art therapy techniques are integrated into group therapy to provide an additional method to reflect upon experiences and express thoughts and feelings.

    Our Recovery Group will focus on the following aspects:

- recognize and manage thoughts, cravings, and other post-acute withdrawal symptoms
- encourage healthy personal relationships and communication
- skills to build a consistent, balanced daily routine
- support with attending other recovery meetings (AA/NA/etc.) and community activities
- develop creative coping strategies
- avoid reminders of using and feelings of boredom or loneliness by exploring new activities and returning to hobbies you once enjoyed
- celebrate your accomplishments with a group of peers
- build self-esteem, resiliency, and confidence to pursue your goals
- experience relaxation, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety

Seeking Safety Group

Seeking Safety provides evidenced-based treatment for individuals with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and substance use disorders. This group utilizes a set curriculum. Many recovery centers utilize some of the sessions from this manual in their programming. This group allows you to be exposed to all 16 of the session topics.

From the manual: “When a person has both active substance abuse and PTSD, the most urgent clinical need is to establish safety. ‘Safety’ is an umbrella term that signifies various elements… ‘Seeking safety’ refers to helping patients free themselves from negative behaviors and, in so doing, to move toward freeing themselves from trauma at a deep emotional level.”

Seeking Safety does not require an individual to delve into past trauma. The focus is on the present moment and developing skills to increase your ability to cope with life after a traumatic event without substances.

A sampling of topics includes:

Education about PTSD

Education about Substance Use Disorders


Coping techniques

Asking for Help

Identifying high risk situations