Live Free Recovery Consultants

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Adolescent Treatment

Peer Leader Support

  •  Clinically Supported Peer Leaders
  • Twice Weekly Face To Face               meetings
  • Recovery Education
  • Family Education
  • Individual Recovery Plans
Adolescent Clinically Based Peer Recovery Support  Treatment Program

Our experience allows us to educate Adolescents and their families in all aspects of the recovery process. Traditional adolescent programs "teach" you how to get sober then send you on your way. Our unique clinically supported peer leader support program means you work together with a clinician and a peer support. There is no gap between treatment and how it is applied in the real world

By working with a same age peer leader, adolescents have an immediate built in sober support system. Our peer leaders have established and maintained their own recovery in a variety of academic and occupational settings and model these behaviors and coping techniques for our adolescent clients.

Included Features

  • Clinically Supported Peer                 Leader   Supports
  • Family Coaching
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Mentoring Program
  • 24-hour Access
  • Unlimited Lifetime Contact
  • Academic Tutoring