Alternative Adolescent Peer Group 

 First of its kind in New Hampshire!!!!

The APG focuses on peer support for both the young adult and their family members with emphasis on self-awareness, decision making skills, and day-to-day recovery maintenance skills that assist in obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Peer Groups vary by age/developmental stage and are offered to young people between the ages of 12-20 years of age, and are looking to build a same age sober social support system.                            

Daily "Open Door Hours"

Peer Leaders Desiree and Elizabeth

This service is provided by a young person (18+), supervised by a Licensed Clinician, who is trained to strategically use their own lived experiences to inspire other young people to take action towards creating better outcomes for their future.

Included Features
  • Peer Based Recovery Groups

  • Peer Based Family Groups

  • Immediate Sober Support System

  • Mentoring/Academic Support

  • Weekly Sober Social Events

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Mentoring Program

  • 24-hour Access

  • Unlimited Lifetime Contact