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About Us


Our Philoshophy

At Live Free Recovery we believe that initiating recovery should not be the ultimate goal but a means to the life you want. We guide you through the steps needed to establish and achieve personal, academic, social and occupational goals as you move forward in your life and your recovery.

Traditional treatments "teach" you how to get sober then send you on your way. Our unique clinically supported peer recovery options means you work together with a clinician and a peer support. There is no gap between treatment and how it is applied in the real world. As goals are developed with your clinician you are implementing them with your recovery coach. And with 24-hour access to our staff, there is always someone available should you need guidance

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Our Services

All of of our programming includes no cost 24-hour access, family participation and lifetime aftercare. The goals based approach allows you to develop a sense of personal accountability and self-confidence as your decisions lead to achievement of recovery and life goals. The option to include a peer support into your program adds a level of empathy and support. Individual counseling is designed to allow you to continue normal life activities while achieving your recovery goals. For individual adolescent treatment there is weekly counseling, the alternative youth peer support group, same age peer supports or combine any of the options into a unique specialized program. The adolescent intensive outpatient program is the only one in New England that incorporates same age youth peer leaders directly into the group experience and completers have the option to continue in our mentoring program with an opportunity to become a paid youth peer leader.

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